Hair-Styles-Lake-OswegoI am asked frequently by clients, “what do I do to keep my hair styled while between hairstyles?” The answer depends on your situation. You may have short hair with the goal of shoulder length hair, permed hair with the goal of non-permed hair or colored hair with the goal of non-colored hair. All these require different solutions as you transition to a new style.


Shorter to longer:

1. Know your goal and break it down into manageable styles as it grows out. A common complaint might be the different layers that appear as the hair grows.

2. Have your hairdresser cut the bottom layer to match the layer above. This will smooth the transition into a bob. Another alternative is to add more layers to bring the layer transitions closer together.

3. Trim your hair every five to six weeks. This keeps your ends from splitting, allowing hair to grow faster.

Permed to non-permed:

This is very situational and depends on the length of your hair.

1. Short hair: it is relatively quick to have your hairdresser cut out the perm every 5-6 weeks. For hair that is 4 inches or less it may take only 3-4 months to cut out. Another alternative is to straighten permed hair with a flat iron or blow dryer. Use larger round brushes to help style your hair while you transition to something new. Your hairdresser can show you simple ways to style your hair each day.

2. Long hair: this can be tricky as it can require more time and effort to get your hair smoothed out with less curl. A flat iron may help, as well as hair product. Pureology has developed a product called “Super Smooth” that works well with frizzy/curly hair. I recommend this product in addition to getting your hair trimmed each month. Cutting your hair in a new medium/shorter hair style is also helpful.

Colored treated hair to natural:

This is also situational as it depends on the color and goal.

1. If you want to go back to your natural color, it’s easy enough for a hairdresser to tint back to your natural hair color. Some tinted colors are more challenging than others to transition away from, however. For example, black, Raggedy Ann reds and bomb shell blonds require extra care. DO NOT attempt to color these colors back yourself. Trust me, I have seen many cases of botched do-it-yourself color jobs come to me for emergency fixes.

2. Work with your hairdresser to achieve the desired outcome. A team effort is the best path to success in creating a look and style that is fun, professional, practical and healthy. Communication is key with your hairdresser. If you are not happy, tell your hairdresser. Your hairdresser wants you to love your hair and will usually offer corrective services free of charge (I always have).


One more note on color. If you have “naturally” colored your hair (such as with a henna, vegetable or metallic colors), most salons do not use these products and many cannot provide color services for you. Chemical hair coloring products should not be applied over natural hair color products. If they are applied, the results can end up GREEN or appear to boil from the inside out. There is copper in many natural hair color products which causes a chemical reaction with the peroxide. For these reasons, I do not recommend natural hair color products.


Color, cuts and perms can be as creative as you wish it’s all in what you want to say to people and how you want to express yourself


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